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After being acquired by new ownership, an online retail business was looking to revitalize their brand identity and create a series of touch-points to connect with a new generation of customers who share their passion for winter sports.

Veracity helped the brand showcase its products and services through complete rebranding, which included brand identity development, new logo design and mobile-responsive e-commerce experience using WordPress. Our streamlined approach incorporated dynamic search that made it easier for customers to find and purchase their products onlineTo show the products in action in a way that resonated with their new target audience, we created an engaging content strategy and social media integration throughout their site—bringing their brand to life through relatable content anincreased brand value.


Revamping a Brand Identity Through Thoughtful Design

Veracity drew inspiration from nature to construct a brand identity that effectively conveyed their enthusiasm and devotion to winter sports. Through this approach, we created a unique and compelling brand strategy that exudes freshness and vitality, designed to resonate with their audience. With multiple brand elements that represented their commitment to adventure and exploration, we developed brand badges with an elevated logo featuring stylized mountain iconography. And, by designing with versatility in mind, our fresh identity and logo design stood the test of time on a variety of merchandise mediums across their full, omnichannel shopper experience. 


Purpose-Driven Merchandise Reflects Brand’s Commitment to Nature

To demonstrate their commitment to quality and durability, Veracity designed a trend-forward product line of hats, t-shirts and winter sports gear. This purpose-driven merchandise featured their versatile, redesigned logo and nature-inspired color palette to increase brand awareness for their new generation of customers and fan base.


Curating an Engaging Social Content Strategy

To effectively engage their new demographic with relevant content and brand awareness opportunities, we created a robust social media strategy, covering everything from evergreen posts to product education—incorporating their product and lifestyle photography in a way that told a seamless, consistent story across all social channels. And, tincrease engagement and heighten brand perception for their new audience, Veracity designed customer testimonial templates—bringing relatability to their feed while allowing for templatized content, simplifying content planning for the future.

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