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This private, non-profit organ donation and transplant organization was looking to expand membership within their hospital network; however, they faced challenges due to an outdated and traditional paper-based organ sharing application process. With over 30-page hardcopy forms, the legacy system involved extensive manual paperwork and documentation, causing significant delays, coordination challenges, and communication gaps among network members. To drive membership growth, the organization recognized the need for a modern digital platform that could automate and streamline the application process, enhance communication, and improve transparency on both sides of the experience. 

Veracity conducted a comprehensive approach to automate and streamline their application processutilizing inventory management techniques, process mapping, and modern design strategies. The team implemented conditional logic to digitize and streamline the process, leveraging their expertise in Salesforce to enhance user experience and improve data management. 

By integrating the entire digital experience, Veracity empowered users to efficiently manage the application process and enhance the network’s membership.  

Streamlining the Application Process Through a Comprehensive Data Inventory

To optimize the process, our team conducted an extensive audit of all fields present in each form. Previously, hospitals seeking to participate in the organ sharing network had to manually and inefficiently complete every field in each form. Through our inventory, we identified the similarities among 20+ forms, allowing us to better understand the data being collected and the common themes between them. This enabled us to implement conditional logic to simplify the application process for members. 

Designing a Digital Workflow for Effortless Member Access & Efficiency

The organization encountered a significant challenge with their paper-based application processtracking new member registrations and form submissions. To address this issue, our team created an intuitive digital process that supports a step-by-step workflow for users to enter the portal, complete their membership profiles, and engage with the network. With advanced automation features in place, members can now effortlessly create employee profiles, with the platform automatically populating relevant contact information from previous applications during future form submissions. 

Introducing a Progress Tracker for a Sustainable & User-Friendly Experience

Our team integrated a progress tracker for each form in our digital experience design, breaking down the process into smaller, more manageable steps. This feature enables members to save their progress and return to the form at their convenience, resulting in a more user-friendly experience. In return, the time required to upload form data digitally was significantly reduced, allowing the organization to devote more time to governance and data certification across form submissions.