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In response to the shift towards remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this international spirits company recognized the need to re-evaluate critical processes their employees relied upon. The current technology support organization and operating model had limited self-service capabilities and lacked standardization with global business processes—hindering their goal to provide a consistent and effective IT service for employees. They needed help applying technology in a way that would manage employee services previously offered through face-to-face interactions, regardless of their employees’ location.  

To gain a holistic understanding of their current IT service experience, Veracity began by defining best practices and identifying key user personas through stakeholder interviews and organizational surveys. Our team then developed a future-state vision that included updates to taxonomy, user interface, processes, and platform support—culminating in a comprehensive roadmap outlining near and long-term steps towards a seamless service management vision. To empower the organization and deliver top-of-the-line employee experiences, we curated recommendations to reimagine delivery of IT employee services for both short and long-term processes. 

Veracity empowered a top-of-the-line employee experience through a comprehensive roadmap for a reimagined IT Service Experience.

Uncovering Desired Future State Outcomes Through Current State Benchmark Assessment

Veracity facilitated an assessment of the organization’s existing technology support model through a combination of virtual workshops with project stakeholders and company-wide surveys. Our aim was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing business challenges and identify future opportunities for the technical service team. As part of this process, our team conducted a current state assessment and benchmark report. This report enabled us to compare the former Technology Support Model against best-in-breed, providing valuable insights into its strengths and weaknesses. We also identified the key drivers behind the need to enhance the overall employee experience, particularly in light of the accelerated shifts in ways of working. 

Crafting Customized Employee Experience Strategy Through User Persona Development

Based on our review of existing research, interviews, and working sessions, our team successfully identified four primary IT support personas that would drive the strategy for new employees, experienced employees, IT agents, and the event production team. Through a careful analysis of each persona, we determined several key needs that were applicable to all employees, regardless of their location or device type. These needs included clear readability, intuitive self-help, standardization, and effortless onboarding to name a few. To address each critical need, we developed an employee experience strategy that focused on providing employees with tailored self-service options and easy virtual support, while allowing IT Agents to prioritize more personalized or complex issue resolution 

Delivering Value Through a Phased-Growth Roadmap & Platform Recommendations

In our proposed roadmap and recommendations, we acknowledged the necessity of a highly capable platform that could facilitate advanced automation and integration solutions. To ensure a more personalized support experience, the new IT platform was equipped with customizable tools, easily accessible support content, an integrated virtual agent chatbot, personalized dashboards, and a restructured service taxonomy. After a thorough analysis, we recommended the use of ServiceNow to modernize and optimize their employee experience, enhance productivity, and streamline operations across their entire enterprise. In the end, we successfully reduced complexity and improved productivity for all global employees.  

Project Outcomes

Personalized Personas to Drive Employee Experience Strategy
Service Journeys to Accompany Each Persona Type
Service Blueprints to Rollout Platform Recommendations