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The result of one of the largest bank mergers in the last decade, our client wanted to facilitate a fast path to digital innovation where profitability and customer motivation go hand in hand. But the urgency to understand how users engage with their financial products and services brought too many research projects and not enough researchers.

That’s where Veracity stepped into the picture. Our experts supported research efforts through moderated usability and prototype testing, evaluation of existing data and the collaboration with design and product teams to outline the best ways to study specific issues and define the niche differentiators necessary for our client to command the industry.

As a trusted research partner, our guidance drives innovation—and catalyzes profit.

Limited Knowledge of Generational Needs

In the banking industry, the age range of clients can span decades. So, Veracity devised a method for understanding consumers better through generation groups. By studying usability and user preferences of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and more, we uncovered what generations value most in their financial products and services, how they interpret what’s on the screen and whether they understand what is being communicated—allowing our client to adapt to multi-generational user needs.

Our Experts Contribute to Impactful Products and Experiences

Learning how users engage with and understand various products and services requires feedback. Our embedded experts guide the development of custom research strategies that best align with driving impactful user feedback to modify existing products or execute brand new services that better connect with customer needs.

Research Drives Innovation—Innovation Drives Profit

In this highly competitive landscape, developing innovative new products and services to increase and drive profitability has never been more demanding. Every one of our studies has contributed to real modifications to on-page content, new products and innovative digital services. As a trusted research partner, we continue to design important studies, analyze data and feedback and recommend ways our client can grow.

Project Outcomes

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