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With demand for consumer-like experiences in the workplace and an increasingly hybrid working model, this Fortune 50 global pharmaceutical company needed to put digital adoption at the forefront. But in order to create highly adoptable experiences, they needed to empathize with the employee user base to understand their diverse mindsets and digital behavioral patterns—and build products that are as personalized as the people they support.

Armed with global employee data and insights, Veracity created a reusable persona library of rich, multi-dimensional representations of real people’s work styles and attitudes toward technology. We defined user needs, moments that matter and peak moments that translated to building better products and application within the organization.


Identifying the Right Persona Framework

Background research to identify a persona framework that best represented a large, global workforce led Veracity to a Gartner framework which accounted for career levels, demographics, work styles and attitudes toward technology. The team built upon it, designing a custom Mindset framework that more accurately reflected the company culture and language.


Enterprise-Wide Organization Across 92 Countries

To reliably measure this global population, Veracity surveyed 700+ employees in small samples based on job groups. The company’s 28 job families were consolidated into 8 key clusters, allowing the team to measure the full workforce effectively and efficiently. Data gathered confirmed all the Mindsets existed within the company and defined each Mindset’s prevalence across the organization.


Workshopping Solutions

Veracity conducted 8 persona workshops, one for each job family cluster, to facilitate in-depth discussions and activities to gauge employees’ wants, needs, pain points and opportunities. These insights were synthesized to produce a Persona card for each job family cluster.


Creating a Repeatable Process

After laying the groundwork for a reusable persona library, Veracity developed a Playbook complete with survey samples, persona cards, workshop templates and a detailed explanation of the framework methodology, empowering teams to design additional personas in order to deliver digital experiences that match employees’ diverse and ever-changing needs.

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Project Outcomes


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Job Families Consolidated into 8 Key Clusters


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