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As a result of the largest bank merger in the last decade, our top 10 U.S. commercial banking client’s fraud department was experiencing growing pains. Teammates were struggling with overly complex processes and disjointed systems, causing long wait times for clients calling the fraud hotline for help. So, when complaints started rolling in, they needed to find a way to integrate their systems and provide the training necessary to improve their customers’ experience before their competitors could.

Veracity’s expert Service Design team jumped in to identify areas of improvement. With insights gained through Fraud Experience surveys and archetype workshops with both clients and teammates, we provided a comprehensive list of recommendations that would allow teammates to decrease fraud claim processing time and deliver top-of-the-line service consistent with customers’ expectations. 

We harnessed the power of user-centered research to define a top-of-the-line fraud claim experience, increasing recovered profits and decreasing customer anxiety.

Improving Wait Times to Boost Confidence

Our client understood the importance of preventing fraud and providing a top-line experience where people were more than just a number. But inefficient processes and long wait times were frustrating for both customers and employees. Veracity’s team formulated a blueprint for delivering a better experience. By implementing a Virtual Assistant for self-service and improving call routing capabilities, customers can now get timely and efficient responses. The results? Reduced complaints, higher customer satisfaction, and increased employee morale.

Mitigating High Turnover

In a high-turnover industry, transferring knowledge becomes a daunting task. To combat this, Veracity turned to data and insights from our research to recommend the creation of a centralized repository for policies and procedures. We identified the most user-centric experience based on searchability, usability, and capacity, paving the way for an incremental development strategy. The single source of truth will empower all employees with the necessary knowledge to deliver unparalleled customer service and combat fraud, regardless of experience.

Integrating Disjointed Systems

Merging two companies can cause technical challenges and disjointed systems, compromising customer service quality. Veracity’s expert research identified policies and processes that impeded employees’ ability to serve customers effectively. Our incremental plan sought to simplify and reduce system complexity, enabling employees to stay updated on the latest developments, streamline processes, and receive prompt training. Ultimately, these changes would enhance the customer experience and bolster client confidence.

Project Outcomes

Pages of Research & Recommendations
Employee Workshops Conducted
Employee & Client Interviews