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A global investment professionals association was looking for ways to reflect the impact of their Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program for financial prospects in Sitecore. To get there, they needed a partner with a holistic view; a partner that could redefine the entire user experience in a way that effectively communicated the value to potential charter holders through an optimized experience that enriches, educates and inspires prospects to advance their journey with the institution. 

Through robust user experience assessments and heuristic evaluations, Veracity saw an opportunity to streamline the entire user journey, enhance the brand experience and create a scalable (and reusable) architecture for the institution. We identified multiple challenges and converted them into comprehensive opportunities across a range of factors from audience development, UX design, content strategy (and re-engineering), to platform optimization and personalized features that tailored the experience by the following criteria: desirability, credibility, accessibility and usability. In the end, Veracity redesigned the end-to-end user experience—increasing relevancy and traffic, while fulfilling our mission to bring the organization’s digital presence in line with its remarkable reputation.

Veracity saw an opportunity to streamline the entire user journey, enhance the brand experience and create a scalable (and reusable) architecture for the institution.

Harnessing Predictive Personalization to Pinpoint What Users Want from The Experience

With a goal of advancing prospects in their journey, we developed prospect journeys designed to target, remember and respond to customer needs in real-time while feeding insights for continuous improvement of their digital experience. To curate personalized experiences for visitors based on their behavior, we built comprehensive persona profiles and developed a 10-step personalization process to identify their visitors, gain insight to their interests, and define target groups and their position in the prospect and candidate cycle. As a result, we developed pre-determined components to display relevant content dynamically, using personalization to drive engagement and interaction.

Strengthening Brand Perception Through Thoughtful UX Design

To elevate the prospect journey in a way that encouraged discovery and enhanced user interaction, Veracity developed a simplified program site structure while identifying and implementing six UX principles of value. These practices ensured their new Sitecore experience was credible, desirable, relevant, accessible and more. We created a refreshed experience with an improved navigational structure, content hierarchy and a visually appealing (and consistent) user experience throughout 30+ pages. From the homepage design to program curriculum, registration and sign-ups to charter benefits —the Veracity team reimagined the prospect experience to design a site that strengthened brand perception and led prospects further down the funnel to conversion.

Enhancing Sitecore Capabilities to Empower Geo-Targeting Possibilities

To achieve their objective of delivering hyper-personalized content to prospects and non-registered candidates, Veracity investigated their current Sitecore capabilities and developed a four-step plan to resolve their issues and enhance their geo-targeting configuration. From debugging their existing components to assessing geo-targeting analytics and defining rules for prospects—with this approach we successfully delivered content specific to a user’s region such as test center locations, testimonials and exam dates, enhancing Sitecore’s capabilities to deliver more personalized content to their audience. 

Optimizing A User Journey Under One Seamless, Unified Experience

To optimize the user experience, Veracity needed to better understand their prospect’s complete journey from nurture to registration to becoming a charterholder through a unified system. To ensure enhanced security and proper tracking mechanisms were in place, we assessed their analytics, current marketing platforms and social sites, web properties and tracking capabilities to provide technical solutions for enhanced integration under one unified Sitecore experience. In the end, Veracity successfully merged their integrations under a single system of action, while allowing them to consistently track journeys across multiple digital platforms.

Project Outcomes

Step Personalization Process to Drive Engagement & Interaction
UX Principles of Value Across 30+ Pages to Strengthen Brand Perception
Step Geo-Targeting Configuration Plan For Hyper-Personalized Experiences