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The Digital Marketing Team for this U.S. based telecommunications company was on a mission to revolutionize local business marketing by harnessing the transformative potential of digital marketing. They turned to Veracity to help scale their efforts and craft a marketing platform experience that would empower local businesses to leverage breakthroughs in technology for accelerated growth. With a laser focus on addressing crucial business requirements, we defined critical use cases and shaped product features—solving real needs and making real impact.

Veracity harnessed the transformative potential of digital marketing, empowering local businesses to achieve accellerated growth.

Deepening Customer Insights for Smarter Product Development

To truly understand their target audience, Veracity dove deep into existing customer profiles used in the pilot program. Through insightful interviews, engaging focus groups and thorough industry research, we expanded those insights into rich, detailed customer profiles used to develop hypotheses, prototypes and concept cards that directly catered to the unique needs of their highest-value customers.

Hitting the Bullseye: Finding the Perfect Market Segment

Through close collaboration with the Digital Marketing Team, a game-changing discovery was made. It turned out that the sweet spot for potential clients was small businesses with moderate to advanced marketing sophistication. Veracity fine-tuned the Digital Marketing Team’s offerings to cater specifically to these businesses, delivering maximum impact where it mattered most.

Guiding the Process to Unlock Potential

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep an eye on the bigger picture amidst all the details. To help the Digital Marketing Team shift their focus from details to the larger landscape of challenges and opportunities, Veracity demonstrated high-level wireframes and clickable prototypes that effectively communicated the business case vision, providing valuable guidance and facilitating conversations around managing the complexity of the project. Our presentation, The Concept of Proving Ground: Bespoke Digital Marketing Services & Technology, emerged as a powerful illustration of the product’s major benefits, directly addressing critical business needs.