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From hybrid cloud solutions and high-performance computers to a wide range of hardware, virtualization software, enterprise IT solutions and more, our multinational technology client offers a vast portfolio of products and services for businesses and consumers. So, it’s no surprise that meeting their diverse customers’ needs was a challenge—and that a standard, out-of-the-box solution would not sufficiently meet the complex demands.

With a focus on improving the overall customer experience, Veracity worked closely with the organization to identify and align specific business requirements with end-users, tailoring a ServiceNow platform experience that raised the bar for their customers. By streamlining the navigation structure, enhancing search functionality and implementing strategic design components, we elevated the dashboard experience—personalized and optimized for each user.

Veracity transformed the customer experience ecosystem by improving the navigation and search funtionality, fostering deeper satisfaction and engagement.

Thoughtful Design to Inspire Interaction

One of the key challenges our clients faced was ensuring that their customers could easily navigate and utilize their ServiceNow instance. After assessing their current design components, Veracity elevated the experience with strategic creative direction and visually appealing interface that prioritized ease of use and enabled customers to quickly find the information they needed. By reducing frustration and enhancing satisfaction through user-focused design and content organization structure, we thoughtfully transformed the customer experience in a way that embodied their brand and inspired their next “click”.

Streamlined Navigation Structure

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, the organization provides a breadth of products and services spanning personal computers, networking equipment, cloud computing, data and security solutions and more. With annual sales exceeding $102 billion, the complexity and depth of their portfolio in combination with poor navigation made it difficult for customers to find what they were looking for. Through a series of portfolio analysis, content restructuring and information architecture refinement (IA), Veracity streamlined the navigation structure, making the experience more intuitive and user-friendly. By optimizing their IA, we significantly improved customer satisfaction as customers were able to quickly (and more efficiently) find the products and services they sought in a way that felt natural to the user.

Harnessing Technology to Deliver Relevancy and Empower Customers

After struggling with poor search functionality, hampering their customers’ ability to find relevant information efficiently, we harnessed the power of data and automation technology to implement advanced search algorithms and optimize the search results. By revamping their search functionality from content to function, Veracity significantly increased findability, ensuring their customers could quickly access the information they needed, for a seamless user experience.