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In the midst of an enterprise-level digital transformation, this global industrial manufacturing giant recognized the need for a modern solution to replace their manual, email-based process for managing supplier requests. To address the impact of defects and delays in raw materials on production, they sought a game-changing solution to streamline and automate their systems while improving communication with suppliers, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of their supply chain.

Leveraging the powerful capabilities of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module, Veracity stepped in and developed a supplier portal to revolutionize the management, tracking and reporting of Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs). Through automated workflows and real-time tracking, the portal empowered both the Supply Chain Team and vendors, fostering collaboration, communication and expediting the time from production line to market.

Veracity’s innovative solution transformed the supplier relationship landscape for a global industrial manufacturing giant.

Streamlining Processes with Automated Workflows

Veracity prioritized automating manual tasks to tackle the sluggish and inefficient SCAR process. By building a new Supplier Portal on top of the client’s existing ServiceNow Catalog, Veracity significantly reduced manual efforts and improved response time from suppliers. Automated workflows eliminated lengthy processing times—boosting supplier response time, enabling quicker ticket resolution and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enhancing Ticket Management Through Real-Time Tracking

Managing SCARs through email proved to be time-consuming to track—and frustrating for the Supply Chain Team. By leveraging ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management Module, Veracity increased visibility into SCAR activities through real-time tracking. This enhanced visibility through personalized dashboards and eliminated the need for email notifications. The result? An empowered Supply Chain Team able to identify and address issues promptly, improving efficiency and the overall SCAR management experience.

Eliminating Communication Challenges

Manual communication processes created difficulties for suppliers in staying on top of their requests, leading to delays and increased supply chain risk. Veracity harnessed the functionality of ServiceNow to eliminate reliance on email and introduced transparency into the SCAR process. This increased transparency simplified communication and resolution of tickets, enabling both suppliers and the manufacturing giant to collaborate more effectively and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Project Outcomes

Improved Visibility & Transparency

Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

Reduction in Manual Processing Times