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A leading distributor of plumbing and HVAC supplies faced significant challenges in managing import and export requests. Their existing manual and email-based process was inefficient, lacked visibility and hindered performance improvement. They sought a solution to optimize their trade compliance process with a more efficient and flexible submission and review system.

Based on our successful track record with the organization, they entrusted us with capturing requirements and defining a technical solution through thorough discovery activities. We demonstrated how ServiceNow could revolutionize their import and export process, ensuring consistent data and transparent adherence to compliance procedures on this flexible platform.

Veracity revolutionized the import and export process, ensuring consistent data and transparent adherence to compliance procedures on ServiceNow.

Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

Through close collaboration, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify and prioritize areas for significant improvement. Our meticulous approach led us to propose digitizing the sales order flow, enhancing data within ServiceNow, and seamlessly integrating it with their downstream logistics management system. This strategic integration and data mapping were crucial to the success of our solution and laid the framework for future enhancements.

Expanding the Digital Transformation Journey

By choosing to digitize their import and export process, the organization took a significant step forward in their overall digital transformation journey. This bold move not only showcased their commitment to migrating business processes to the ServiceNow platform but also sparked interest among other business groups within the company, encouraging them to explore the vast capabilities of ServiceNow and effective tailored solutions.

Business Value & ROI

Our deep expertise and the implementation of ServiceNow enabled our client to achieve standardized and automated export request procedures. This transformation drove remarkable efficiency, consistency, and visibility in their trade compliance process. With streamlined workflows, transparent task management, and seamless data flow, our client experienced increased efficiency, reduced manual effort, and improved compliance outcomes. These tangible business benefits delivered a substantial return on investment—improving their overall workplace experience while impacting their bottom line.

Project Outcomes

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