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A leading distributor of plumbing and HVAC supplies was undergoing an enterprise-wide digital transformation to enhance their customer experience. However, their existing process for tracking quality defects in products sold at its stores lacked accuracy and visibility. And because there was no mechanism for two-way communication between branches and HQ, they needed to find a way to resolve quality issues quickly.

To address these challenges, Veracity leveraged ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module to create a dynamic service portal, enabling 3k+ branches to report and track product quality issues and communicate with HQ about necessary actions. We worked closely with the Product Assurance team and branch staff members to capture detailed requirements and created a user-friendly interface for tracking incidents and reporting defects—saving time and increasing productivity through automated workflows and enhanced communication tools.

Through ServiceNow’s Customer Management Module, Veracity empowered 3k+ branches to report and track incidents through enhanced communication tools and automation.

Integrating Enhanced Communication Tools to Improve Visibility & Accurate Quality Tracking

Veracity leveraged ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management offering to establish a robust service portal for efficient reporting and tracking product quality issues. By integrating enhanced communication tools and increased functionality for discovering, tracking and resolving issues, we significantly improved the visibility (and accuracy) of tracked and reported quality defects—improving efficiency for both branch staff and the Product Assurance team.

Increased Communication Leads to Improved Experience

Recognizing the need for improved two-way communication between branches and headquarters, Veracity facilitated a streamlined process for addressing quality defects. By enabling branches to report incidents and take real-time action, we not only expedited issue resolution but also enhanced the overall experience for both branch staff and customers through effective communication—the cornerstone of a seamless and efficient workflow.

Operationalizing Powerful Tools: Enabling Defect Tracking

To operationalize these powerful tools, Veracity designed a user-friendly interface that prioritized daily tasks and tickets. This heightened visibility and elevated design provided users with a transparent and streamlined path for reporting, tracking, managing and resolving incidents quickly, empowering their workforce with the necessary tools to proactively address defects and ensure exceptional quality control.

Project Outcomes

Leveraged & Tailored ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management Module

2-Way Communication Increased Between Branches and HQ

Enabled Defect Tracking Through Increased Visibility