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When two prominent value store giants merged, their shared mission of delivering exceptional value to customers and employees encountered some challenges: integrating technologies and experience across supply chain, financial management and resource management. With a network spanning over 23k+ retail stores in North America, they sought to reduce technology ownership costs while elevating engagement through an enhanced user experience and robust technical architecture.

To capture and prioritize detailed requirements, Veracity conducted extensive research and stakeholder interviews, engaging leadership and store and field operations to understand their experiences managing tasks, creating reports, engaging tools and seeking assistance. Following a detailed architectural assessment and product evaluation, we combined these valuable insights with comprehensive mapping of inputs, outputs, APIs and batch integrations, we defined an end-to-end experience and modularized architecture that could seamlessly deliver amazing value and a great experience to their delivery and operational staff.


Overcoming Task Management Solutions

One of their biggest challenges was that store associates and managers struggled with efficiently organizing and prioritizing their overflowing stream of daily tasks. In the absence of an efficient system for assigning, tracking and prioritizing tasks, reliance on email notifications was cumbersome and hindered completion. Veracity devised an architectural plan that created an integrated application model with an intuitive user interface to improve efficiency and boost engagement among store associates.


Training for a Disparate Workforce

With a geographically dispersed workforce, this organization required a comprehensive learning solution to train and educate store associates and managers across various regions and organizational levels. To meet these demands, Veracity recommended a customized Learning Management System (LMS) that offered on-demand training and robust resources for employees throughout North America. This not only would reduce the time and cost associated with traditional training methods but also delivered a more effective and engaging learning experience for store associates.


Communication Spurs Collaboration

Effective communication is critical for any retail operation and this organization was no exception. With insights gathered through site visits, user research and architectural assessments, Veracity recommended an integrated communication tool as the ideal solution—enabling store associates and managers to communicate and collaborate seamlessly on tasks, projects and issues. This approach would not only improve communication efficiency but foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork among store associates across their 23k+ retail locations.


Content Management Made Easy

To streamline the management and distribution of product information across all levels of their retail operations, Veracity proposed the implementation of an integrated content management tool (CMS). This solution empowered associates and managers with easy access to information, pricing and promotions, driving improved efficiencies and enabling informed decision-making for enhanced customer service.

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