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The Financial Operations group at a multinational technology corporation known for its software products, productivity suites and cloud services, had a persistent challenge—the vendor onboarding process and tools were frustrating for both new vendors and the teams responsible for onboarding them. From procurement to check issuance, users experienced the need for improvements across the entire journey. Internal efforts to address the issue proved difficult, they needed deeper expertise to develop powerful personas, document user journeys and critical needs, and inspire cross-functional teams to collaboratively find solutions for enhancing the overall experience.

To achieve a moment-to-moment understanding of users and drive stakeholder buy-in, Veracity employed a strategic approach rooted in User Experience principles. Through research and data analysis, we gained a deep understanding of the user landscape, crafting detailed personas and mapping their journeys. Utilizing Diary Studies, interviews, and workshops, we achieved a moment-to-moment understanding of users, fostering empathy and clarity among stakeholders. This led to well-defined personas and journeys within the Procure to Pay process, empowering the client to make data-driven decisions and significantly enhance user experiences.


Driving Collaborative Action and Ideation

To address these needs and foster cross-functional collaboration, Veracity facilitated a series of Improvement Modeling Workshops involving teams from various departments within the organization. The workshops aimed to cultivate empathy among participants and encourage them to share ideas and insights based on their expertise. Utilizing Design Thinking techniques, a total of 30 critical needs were addressed across three distinct personas, leading to over 100 unique recommendations from influential participants. This collaborative ideation process fulfilled the FinOps team’s goal of inspiring collaboration, generating innovative ideas and securing investment in improving the vendor onboarding experience.


Illuminating Pathways with Journey Mapping

Our journey mapping exercises shed light on the intricacies of the Procure-to-Pay process. By meticulously documenting the end-to-end user journeys, we unearthed pain points, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. This comprehensive understanding enabled our client to optimize each touchpoint, streamline processes and provide a seamless and delightful experience for their users at every step.


Results Drive Impact

Through the success of the Procure to Pay engagement, our client’s leadership directed the other divisions within Financial Operations to move forward with undertaking the same Persona discovery and Improvement modeling as a unified method for developing future strategic plans.

key metrics

Project Outcomes


Workshops Focused on Defining Deep User Needs & FinOps Improvement Modeling


Critical needs Addressed Across Three Distinct Personas


Unique Recommendations Focused on Improving the Procure-to-Pay Process

case studies

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