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(ISC)2, the world’s leading cybersecurity consortium, was facing challenges providing a user-centric, member-focused website experience. Existing members found it difficult to track and maintain professional certifications, sign up for and attend continuing education events and contribute research to whitepapers necessary to advance their careers. The organization was in need of refinements to their primary website—and needed a new platform to support their bold vision of modernizing their online presence with a focus on authentically connecting with new and existing members.

With a re-platform to Sitecore driving the experience, Veracity dove deep into every part of the organization—conducting user research, 1:1 interviews, vision workshops and analyzing data and systems to define a vision. By defining and delivering a personalized user experience across all touch-points, we enhanced the brand’s perception and demonstrated the value of membership, resulting in increased enrollment, robust community engagement and an improved bottom line.

Veracity enhanced a brand’s perception and increased member engagement through personalization strategies and compelling user journey design.

A Blueprint for Enterprise Transformation

To identify key areas for improvement and develop a strategic plan that encompasses technology, processes and people, Veracity aligned with the organization’s vision, values and objectives. Our holistic approach, informed thorough analysis of the company’s operations, challenges and goals, ensured that the transformation touched every facet of the business—from member experience enhancements to internal process optimization—and outlined actionable steps, milestones and timelines. A guiding light toward transformation, this meticulously crafted roadmap provides clarity toward effecting agile, customer-centric success. 

Personalizing Member & Non-Member Journeys

User experience-driven personalization strategies played a pivotal role in reimagining the experiences of both members and non-members. By implementing personalized career pathing and leveraging tailored training and education recommendations and  resources, Veracity transformed the experience with tailored solutions. Our user-centric approach provided individualized attention, relevance and value, empowering prospects and members on their professional journeys. The result was increased enrollment and member retention, higher conversion rates and a thriving community of cybersecurity professionals connected to the company’s mission.  

Showcasing the Value of Membership

With insights gained through in-depth understanding of member needs, Veracity identified pain points and designed user-centric solutions to fill the gaps. By implementing intuitive curriculum management, seamless CPE tracking, engaging community engagement tools and personalized career advancement resources, we designed a compelling user journey that showcased the tangible benefits of membership, reinforcing the organization’s value proposition. 

Technical & Business Mentorship Provides the Foundation for a Genuine Partnership

After developing a strong business relationship, Veracity’s transparency, attention to detail and a shared philosophy to “never stop competing for tomorrow” has blossomed into a long-term partnership. This has brought continued opportunities to collaborate on a holistic digital transformation strategy, centered on constant improvement and continued modernization, for the future.