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As one of the largest companies in the world, this $250B+ grossing oil and gas company needed all hands-on deck to keep up with consistent YOY workforce growth. After experiencing challenges like siloed communication due to an underutilized employee portal, key business initiatives were getting lost, onboarding and career development opportunities were harder to manage, and relevant content was difficult to find and utilize. They needed a digital solution to streamline internal communication and simplify tasks across multiple disciplines and departments—from efficient onboarding to employee management to cross-department collaboration. A digital experience designed to captivate their global workforce and ensure their employees felt connected, valued and included no matter their location.

Recognizing their need for unified communication, connected systems and personalized content, Veracity streamlined the entire experience to create a one-stop-shop for employee resources, important information and ongoing career guidance by harnessing the Akumina platform and deep partnership expertise. Through human-centered strategies like current state assessments, stakeholder interviews and participatory design methodologies, we thoughtfully transformed their outdated HR site to a buzzing hub of employee interaction complete with custom dashboards, ongoing career education, employee recognition and more. By encouraging collaboration and organizational efficiency, we helped their employees stay connected anytime, anywhere; paving the way for a more productive and fulfilling workplace today, tomorrow and into the future.


Building Trust, Empowerment & Insightful Solutions Through an Empathy-Driven Approach

As an industry leader, this organization aimed to emphasize its values and strategic initiatives not only to customers, but more importantly, to their employees. Trust, enhanced usability and sustainable value were critical in achieving this objective. Veracity conducted numerous stakeholder sessions to understand the organization’s culture and empathize with previous intranet hurdles to effectively address their needs. This approach ensured that the solutions we provided increased efficiency, relevancy and organizational connection.


Driving Engagement With Real-Time, Tailored Interactions

After impactful business initiatives went unnoticed and the lack of relevant content further contributed to a disconnected workforce, Veracity needed to find ways to enhance engagement and drive employee relevancy from form to function to content. We developed comprehensive onboarding user journeys to gain a holistic understanding of the onboarding experience. By utilizing our UX knowledge and expertise in Akumina, we customized their experience in various aspects, including onboarding, delivering relevant news, and automated tasks to manage global teams. Each strategy and interaction was focused on delivering employee relevancy from designing a more intuitive search functionality to creating interactive benefit statements that accounted for monetary variations based on geographic location—empowering employees every step of the way.


A Deeper Purpose: Rich Career Development Journeys from Onboarding to Year-End Snapshots

To pay tribute to their extensive community and cultural initiatives, Veracity developed strategic components that delivered relevant information in real time. From their well-being programs to DE&I initiatives and volunteer opportunities, we developed interactions geared towards the company’s larger purpose, making it easy to educate, engage and involve employees in their global initiatives. In addition, this organization prioritized personal development and team growth with thoughtful educational programs. To add visibility to career advancement opportunities, Veracity designed custom dashboards with custom components like performance management, year-end snapshots, dynamic goal setting, resources and training to grow their skill proficiencies. Even Workday integrations were built with personalized job alerts to help employees efficiently manage their career expectations with ease, excitement and transparency.


Custom Components Designed


Personalized Widgets for Rewards & Career Management


Essential User Flows Designed

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