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This non-profit education organization had a vision of establishing an interactive digital hub to broaden and enrich their community of scholars and thought leaders. Seeking a strategic collaborator, they aimed to expand their network, oversee funding and amplify program engagement through a digital platform that would empower scholars to connect and contribute independently.

Veracity leveraged human-centered design alongside WordPress expertise to craft an immersive digital platform experience. This comprehensive approach enabled the organization to successfully diversify, expand and foster meaningful connections among users. Furthermore, our team conducted user training sessions to ensure a smooth transition and equip the organization with the necessary skills to effectively manage—and maintain—the experience.

Veracity’s comprehensive approach enabled the organization to successfully diversify, expand and foster meaningful connections among their users.

Vision Workshops & Key Personas for Targeted Empathy Mapping

Our team conducted comprehensive vision workshops to determine primary users during the empathy mapping phase. We identified four distinct persona types who frequently engaged with the organization and further refined each persona to gain an inclusive understanding of their objectives, expectations and distinguishing characteristics. By utilizing persona statements, we facilitated the empathy mapping process and gained insights into motivations behind users’ thoughts, actions, and emotions when interacting with others in the scholarly community. To ensure the accuracy of each persona, we subjected them to user-testing, finalizing the user “needs” statements and moments that matter to ensure digital platform design success.

Creating a Personalized Digital Experience & Empowering User Connection

Our primary focus during the platform design phase was to incorporate components that actively foster user connection efforts and facilitate the expansion of program opportunities within the organization. By including components like “Grow Your Network” and “Discover New Individuals,” we ensured users accessing the portal could carefully connect to a curated list of individuals who shared similar interests. To further enhance personalization, we integrated recommendation features and suggested program tools—allowing for a tailored experience that catered to the unique preferences of each user, based on their desired programs.

Personalized Funding Management for Strategic Oversight

To prioritize users’ ability to effectively manage their funding opportunities, our platform design included a personalized “My Funding” portal, enabling users to easily navigate and explore their current and previous funding opportunities. This portal provided convenient access to details such as received funding, upcoming due dates, funding opportunities available to each user, and more. To ensure a seamless user experience, we integrated intuitive “Get Help” features throughout the portal—ready to assist users in case they encountered any difficulties during their funding application process.