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This private, non-profit organization was experiencing challenges managing their four primary organizational sites. The domains lacked consistent navigation, suffered from content maintenance issues, and their previous enterprise platform was unable to provide predictive analysis and detailed reports. To create a more seamless and intuitive user experience, the organization sought a larger, more sophisticated CMS. Their aim was to eliminate organizational silos and create a cohesive, all-in-one site that retained all the functionality of their previous domains, while streamlining custom-developed systems. 

Veracity went through an in-depth evaluation of the four previous domains by identifying gaps and defining high-level requirements to ensure the optimal choice of the new CMS platform. Using a combination of heuristic analysis and comprehensive CMS evaluations, our team assessed various options before selecting an enterprise platform that would best meet the organization’s future initiatives and core business objectives. 

Veracity optimized a CMS platform using a combination of heuristic analysis and comprehensive evaluations to meet future initiatives and core business objectives.

Stakeholder Interviews & Requirements for Game-Changing Solutions

To deliver precise and impactful recommendations, we employed a range of data-gathering methods to help us illustrate current needs and challenges of the organization. We identified vital technology to drive digital growth and evolution, through conducting interviews with content owners, technical teams, and other management personnel within the organization to gain an in-depth understanding of the key requirements across the four domains. In addition, we gathered requirements in the following categories: Infrastructure and Support, DevOps and Integration, Analytics and Marketing and Content Workflow. 

Using Heuristic Analysis to Drive Digital Transformation

Our team evaluated the existing experiences offered by the organization’s four domains through an extensive Heuristic Analysis. Through this evaluation, we identified several challenges, including a lack of cohesive digital experience, insufficient mobile design, unclear content hierarchy and disjointed page flow. With this data, we were able to determine key areas of improvement and establish additional experience requirements that could be used as part of our CMS Evaluation.  

Conducting a CMS Evaluation to Find the Perfect Platform

To evaluate CMS solutions, Veracity gathered and prioritized key requirements across the categories; Infrastructure and Support, DevOps and Integration, Analytics and Marketing and Content Workflow. Based on performance against each requirement, we narrowed down our platform options to two primary selections, assessing each platform’s strengths and weaknesses. Our final solution recommendation offered a rich background in content management, marketing automation and commerce, providing an extensible platform to drive the organization’s digital growth and revolutionizing their online presence. 

Project Outcomes

CMS Requirements Gathered & Prioritized
Sites Analyzed Under an Extensive Heuristic Evaluation
CMS Solutions Evaluated