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A non-profit, scientific and educational organization was looking to overcome challenges with their existing data management system. Their customers, Organ Procurement Organizations, Transplant Centers and Histocompatibility Labs, had limited access to data and reporting and the process of making data changes was arduous and time-consuming. The organization needed a cutting-edge data portal that would provide UNOS customers with the ability to securely access a variety of analytical tools and products to increase organ transplants and improve patient outcomes.

To optimize their data management processes, Veracity fused custom technology with extensive user insight to guide the entire redesign process. We developed and implemented a new data portal application decoupled from other internal applications and leveraged the organization’s new data repository. Extensive user testing and careful execution ensured the new system was optimized for efficiency, enabling user self-service to manage data, create custom data reports, and effortlessly share information. 

Veracity fused custom technology with extensive user insight to optimize data management processes and guide the entire data portal redesign process.

Well-Defined Security Models Built to Meet End-to-End Requirements

To gain more control and flexibility in managing their data portal, Veracity defined and implemented a security model with enhanced functionality and improved security control. We aimed to enhance their previous data portal that limited developers to visualizations, with inadequate control over security access functionality as well as regulating access to various products. To address these challenges, we implemented a granular security model with Single Sign-On (SSO) features. These enhancements heightened security for all users, effectively limiting link view-ability authorization for more control and flexibility in managing their data portal for greater efficiency and productivity. 

Facilitating Data Management Through Custom Reporting Features

Veracity developed a custom report builder that empowered users to build data reports from scratch or based on existing report attributes. This new feature facilitated data management and tracking, streamlining the process for their customers. In addition, our team implemented custom analytics features that allowed users to access data about waitlists, registration rates, organ acceptance rates, mortality rates, usage/recovery reports and more. 

A User-Friendly, Mobile-Compatible System with Effortless Maintenance

Veracity addressed the previous data portal complaints with a new application designed to improve usability and increase relevant data for informed decision-making. Our responsive application was made available across multiple formats such as desktop, mobile and tablet devices—ensuring users can access data from anywhere. Additionally, the system was designed for effortless maintenance with enhanced performance metrics.