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As a leading distributor in food and related products with over 100 years in business, Performance Food Group (PFG) excelled at providing a satisfying person to person customer experience but needed help bringing their high-touch service online to meet the growing demands of their agile customer-base.

To meet these demands and broaden their revenue stream, they partnered with Veracity to bring e-commerce capabilities to their existing customers across their vast family of brands. Our human-centered, scalable approach won the hearts of stakeholders providing a deep path for customer-focused transformation, aligning needs for long-term value.

Veracity’s human-centered, scalable approach won the hearts of stakeholders with a deep path for customer-focused transformation, aligning needs for long-term value.

Identify & Define

Veracity performed a series of design forward UX/UI workshops to understand and articulate their desired vision including numerous stakeholder interviews, an intensive vision workshop, thorough competitive and current state analysis across their entire brand portfolio and comprehensive persona development. This approach helped Veracity develop a sound e-commerce solution to build more efficiently across their family of brands.

Comprehensive User Flows Defined the Online Ordering Experience

Veracity re-imagined and re-engineered their existing online ordering to provide high-touch service and a personalized experience. From inventory tasking and delivery check-in to invoicing and reporting, our comprehensive user flows defined the customer online ordering experience across each brand and every touchpoint—ensuring we had every back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house detail covered.

State-of-the-Art Features for Premier Design

To match the premier service of their offerings, Veracity designed an elevated front-end brand experience built with an efficient, scalable back-end design to accommodate their 6+ company growing brand portfolio. We developed key storytelling components that not only facilitated online purchases but also highlighted their strategic initiatives in an immersive way. This included an introduction to online ordering, a user-relevant content strategy, premier components showcasing their top-tier chefs, a refined taxonomy and community-focused features unique to their user markets. These innovative bespoke solutions enabled each brand to tell their story in a memorable, and compelling way, enhance their online presence and bring their leading-edge offerings to life.

Systematic Design for High-Performing Ordering at Scale

One of the biggest challenges of this transformation was bringing an e-commerce experience to life across their family of brands, under one unified platform. Our solution involved a comprehensive design system of components that combined UX design and flexibility under a single architecture and user experience. This efficient e-commerce site allowed each of their six brands to create their own unique and elevated brand presence and bring their products to market more quickly—all under one efficient solution.

Project Outcomes

Disparate Ordering Systems Combined
Product Details Normalized & Featured
Key Areas of Customer Commerce Needs Defined