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A Fortune 100 healthcare company needed to establish supply operations and customer service supply chains across 12 EMEA markets. Veracity led transition services for an Order-To-Cash divestiture, managing daily tasks such as order management, inventory reconciliation, psychotropic licensing, regulatory compliance, pricing management, LSP vendor management, and fulfillment operations.


The Challenge

Our client agreed to divest a portfolio of branded products. Their strategic plan involved separating the Order to Cash (OTC) function for those products in advance of the sale. This allowed the new firm to assimilate this function on their own timeline. Processes were created for this semi-autonomous group to function independently. We provided the Order to Cash team involved in this functional decoupling, enabling the transfer.


What We Did

  • Assessed the plan for separating the function while still operating within the same firm. The focus was on completing requirements to establish a stand-alone team in time for a stable portfolio divestiture
  • The group was assembled during the Covid-19 pandemic. This required creating a multinational team to work remotely supporting seven markets
  • A rigorous schedule of regulatory, SAP, and process training was established. At the same time, business operations were transferred from the parent firm
  • Our leadership team kept in close contact with the client, quickly raising issues as they occurred, and adjusting for deviations to the original plan
  • Instituted and socialized a hybrid managed services model


Our Impact

  • Our team suggested changes to the original strategy. Their implementation added value, since it allowed the client to move from a lead to a support role
  • The OTC operation was transferred from the parent company to the multinational team successfully. When the product portfolio sale finally took place, there was no impact from Day 1 onwards.​
  • Feedback from the parent firm’s business team was very positive, noting that we executed their work professionally
  • We were asked to continue supporting OTC operations, continue with process improvements, and assimilate with the new firm
  • Achieved sales revenue goals while maintaining backorders below 1% on average, exceeding industry standards
  • Developed a robust document repository with SOPs, process maps, training materials and project-related documentation and reports for business continuity