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Project leadership for SAP implementation supporting logistics, warehousing, as well as manufacturing cutover and operational readiness.


The Challenge

A Fortune 500 global Oil and Gas company was undergoing a Wave 2 SAP implementation impacting their consumer goods division and required deep subject-matter-expertise in SAP implementations with specific knowledge of integration within logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and third-party supplier operations to minimize post go-live disruptions to customer service levels.


What We Did

  • Coordinated cutover planning, tracking, monitoring, and implementation efforts for all North America logistics and warehousing operations
  • Provided field training for SAP implementation
  • Developed project-related documentation, reports, and measurement tools for client
  • Performed meta-data analysis to forecast demand and create operational readiness plans for post-cutover operations within all manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • Supported the implementation of an Agile and Scrum methodology for business-as-usual stabilization
  • Co-created KPIs and performance dashboards to measure OTIF service, production, and transportation peformance


Our Impact

  • Harnessed the power of client collaboration to implement a processes and controls to achieve OTIF service ahead of schedule with post go-live activities
  • Co-created training materials for internal and external users
  • Co-led with client planning and strategy meetings for logistics and warehousing operations related to SAP implementation
  • Led third-party inventory reconciliation and audits for pre-go-live cutover
  • Prepared risk management plan and mitigation strategies
  • Provided deep subject-matter-expertise operations management under the new SAP system within manufacturing and warehouse operations network wide (helping with issue resolution, inventory management, and service)