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(ISC)2, the world’s leading cybersecurity consortium, was looking towards digital transformation and modernization. In collaboration with Veracity, they aimed to create a fresh digital strategy, roadmap and vision that would enhance the member experience. To achieve this, they embarked on refining and redesigning their Member Portal, migrating content and transitioning from their outdated systems. The objective was to establish an authentic connection and provide a hyper-personalized membership experience. Veracity conducted a thorough analysis of every aspect of membership, examining their systems and defining a vision for transformation. The main goal of the member experience strategy was to allow members to seamlessly connect with their certification community, access relevant educational resources, track continuing education credits, manage due and membership and continue advancement in the cybersecurity field. Through a revamped digital experience that prioritized usability and personalization, Veracity effectively put ownership in members’ hands allowing them to effectively manage and maintain credentials with ease. As a result, engagement levels increased, design quality improved and the member experience and bottom line were greatly enhanced.


A Transformation Roadmap That Spoke to Every Part of the Organization

After partnering with Veracity to develop a new digital strategy, roadmap and vision for a modernized customer experience, (ISC)2 recognized the need to refine and redesign their Member Portal and improve user-flows to ensure seamless interaction. Our team focused on developing robust membership personas, enabling them to better understand the diverse needs and preferences of their members. After performing a comprehensive experience and member journey analysis and formulating a personalization strategy, we successfully identified Salesforce as the optimal technology to support the organization’s members. This enabled us to develop a robust plan aimed at delivering customized experiences, enhancing engagement levels and ensuring member satisfaction.


Amplifying Membership Value Through Hyper-Personalized Dashboards

Veracity successfully implemented hyper-personalized dashboards that effectively conveyed the value of membership to the organization’s users. Each user dashboard offered a comprehensive range of features and functionalities, including access to a member magazine and a portal where users could conveniently pay dues, upload CPE credits, enroll in training courses and manage their membership details. The dashboards also provided real-time updates on users’ certification status, allowing them to track their progress and achievements. Additionally, dashboards were displayed that enabled users to monitor their CPE lifecycle credits, review their membership history and view any endorsements they had received. These hyper-personalized dashboards empowered members with relevant information and user-friendly tools, reinforcing the significance and value of their membership.


Enhanced Security & Personalized Experiences with Sitecore's Authentication Capabilities

Leveraging our deep technical expertise, we developed an authenticated website and member portal that significantly enhanced security and personalized experiences for every user. Using the platform’s powerful authentication capabilities, users gained secure access to private content, personalized features and exclusive member resources. By verifying user identities, we ensured that the right information and functionalities were accessible to the intended individuals. The website and portal incorporated a range of authentication features, enabling targeted content delivery that allowed the organization to tailor their messaging and offerings based on user preferences and membership status. The member authentication functionality contributed to a seamless and secure online experience while empowering the organization with valuable insights and opportunities for user engagement.

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