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The Challenge

A Global Fortune 500 networking company faced a significant challenge: integrating multiple acquisitions seamlessly and efficiently. To achieve this, they required a clear and unified operational framework. Our transformation and change management experts were brought in to consolidate visions of a desired future state into a single, cohesive plan. RGP designed and implemented a comprehensive change deployment and adoption approach that integrated processes, skills training, and behavioral expectations into one unified tool.


What We Did

  • Engagement and Alignment: From the very beginning, we engaged subject matter experts (SMEs), leaders, and executive sponsors ensuring expectations were aligned across the board
  • Collaborative Workshops: We brought together various stakeholders to collaboratively map out end-to-end future operating practices, creating a shared understanding of the new processes and methodologies
  • Skills and Behaviors Identification: Our team identified the specific skills, strengths, and behaviors required for each role to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Development of a changed adoption tool: We created a change adoption tool designed to drive change adoption and ensure the sustained use of the new methodologies and operating practices


Our Impact

  • Standardized and Efficient Transformation: Our client was able to drive transformation projects in a more standardized and efficient manner
  • Accessible Operational Practices: The change adoption tool we deployed provided users with access to new operational practices, including procedures, templates, and training modules
  • Workforce Improvement: We fueled workforce improvement by defining development goals and actions tailored to each individual role within the new operating model
  • Cross-Functional Leadership Alignment: We improved cross-functional leadership alignment by promoting a single vision for the future state of operations. This unified vision helped to streamline decision-making and foster a collaborative culture