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The Challenge

An International SOS Company, faced challenges in their Crew Support system, which provides medical assistance for airline crews. The dynamic nature of crew scheduling required a comprehensive solution to manage crew-related incidents effectively.


What We Did

They partnered with Veracity and utilized ServiceNow to create a robust Crew Support Tool. The project began with a focused 2-week advisory and consultancy phase, during which we redefined and documented critical processes. This set the stage for a seamless implementation of the new tool, which included:

  • Work Automation: Automating key processes to reduce manual effort and increase efficiency
  • Email-Based Notifications: Implementing a system for timely and effective communication
  • Effective Case Management: Enhancing the management of crew-related incidents to ensure quick and accurate responses


Our Impact

This targeted approach significantly improved operational efficiency, ensuring a smoother process for managing crew-related incidents. The company and International SOS gained confidence in delivering expert care globally, reinforcing their commitment to passenger and crew safety. The new Crew Support Tool allowed for better management of dynamic crew schedules, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of the Crew Support system.