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The Challenge

A local Australian airport faced a challenge as users found the existing user experience non-engaging and complex, leading to a heavy reliance on calling the Service Desk. This situation resulted in inefficiencies and decreased customer satisfaction.


What We Did

To address this issue, we implemented a solution focused on increasing self-service options to simplify the engagement process with IT services and prevent data loss through work performed on chat services.

Our approach included:

  • Self-Service Implementation: We enhanced self-service options to reduce the need for Service Desk calls
  • Auto-Routing and Process Enhancements: Implemented auto-routing and other process improvements to increase operational efficiency
  • Omni-Channel Engagement: Within four weeks, we expanded the engagement channels from a single service portal to Office 365 products like Yammer and Teams, providing users a more diverse and efficient engagement experience


Our Impact

The initiative led to a notable decrease in monthly calls to the Service Desk and significantly enhanced Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by simplifying the IT service engagement process. The adoption of self-service, auto-routing, and other process enhancements resulted in increased operational efficiency. The omni-channel customer engagement approach provided users with multiple avenues for interaction, further improving their experience and satisfaction.