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The Challenge

A globally-renowned mobile transportation platform serving millions of users worldwide faced the formidable challenge of managing too many process variations across different regions. This diversity in operational workflows hindered efficiency, consistency, and overall performance. The company needed to simplify processes, align IT and HR functions, and deliver consistent outcomes.


What We Did

Teaming up with Veracity, the company focused on collaboration and process standardization.

Key actions included:

  • Cross-Functional Teams: We established cross-functional teams and conducted joint workshops to foster collaboration and gather insights
  • Process Streamlining: Through in-depth analysis, we streamlined processes, identifying areas for improvement and standardization
  • ITSM Platform Selection: Selected a robust IT Service Management (ITSM) platform, ServiceNow, to support various functions
  • Phased Deployment: Configured the platform and adopted a phased deployment approach to ensure smooth implementation
  • Process Automation: Automated key processes such as Incident Management, HR Case Management, Configuration Service Requests, and Service Level Management


Our Impact

The initiative resulted in significant outcomes, including high process standardization and unified IT and HR functions. This led to increased user adoption and overall improved performance. The ServiceNow platform was pivotal in digitizing, organizing, and streamlining various HR services on a single, uniform web portal. This improved efficiency and a seamless employee experience, enhancing the company’s operational effectiveness and consistency across regions.