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In a world where data is abundant yet fragmented, the VA’s Office of Connected Care (OCC) faced a pressing challenge: How to efficiently leverage vast data reserves to improve veterans’ healthcare experience. Veracity’s team of experts embarked on a journey to transform OCC’s data handling, aiming to provide a unified and insightful view of healthcare data. Our strategic approach was to build a robust analytics framework that could integrate, process, and visualize data in ways that were previously unimaginable. With a keen eye on both the micro and macro aspects of data analytics, we crafted a solution that not only streamlined the analytics process for clinicians and operations directors but also made a direct impact on the health outcomes of U.S. veterans.

This project wasn’t just about data; it was about enhancing the lives of U.S. veterans. By integrating Veteran Patient-Generated Health Data with clinical insights, we fortified the connection between veterans and their healthcare providers, leading to a significant uplift in care quality and experience.

Integrated Data Ecosystem Implementation

To address the challenge of fragmented data at the Office of Connected Care, Veracity implemented an integrated data ecosystem utilizing Azure Data Factory. This strategic initiative was conceived through in-depth consultations with OCC stakeholders, aiming to understand and fulfill their comprehensive data needs. The result was a scalable architecture that not only consolidated disparate data sources but also offered clinicians an integrated view of health records. The impact was immediate and profound: enhanced decision-making capabilities for clinicians, improved healthcare experiences for veterans, and a solid foundation for future data-driven initiatives.

Custom Data Ingestion Framework Development

Recognizing the critical need for timely and efficient data processing, Veracity developed a custom data ingestion framework that revolutionized the OCC’s analytics capabilities. The journey to this solution was marked by innovative problem-solving to address previous inefficiencies, leading to a ten-fold improvement in processing times. This development not only empowered clinicians with real-time data but also set a new benchmark for healthcare operational efficiency, highlighting Veracity’s dedication to practical and impactful innovation.

Integration of Veteran Patient-Generated Health Data

In a groundbreaking move, Veracity facilitated the integration of Veteran Patient- Generated Health Data with existing healthcare records, creating a comprehensive perspective on veteran health. This initiative was brought to life by leveraging the robust capabilities of Databricks and a nuanced understanding of healthcare data analytics. The result was a richer, more nuanced understanding of veterans’ health conditions, enabling the creation of more personalized and effective care plans. The integration strengthened the bond between veterans and their healthcare providers, exemplifying Veracity’s commitment to transformative solutions that put people first.

Project Outcomes

The year Veracity was recognized as a FedHealthIT Innovation Award Winner, signaling our leading-edge approach in employing data analytics to elevate veteran healthcare.
VA administrations and Federal Agencies partnered with Veracity throughout this engagement, demonstrating the extensive trust and collaborative efforts invested in enhancing veteran care.
Unique technologies were integrated during this project, showcasing Veracity's dynamic use of a diverse technological array to drive healthcare innovation and improve veteran well-being.