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The Challenge

A leading space technology company faced a daunting task after acquiring another firm. They needed to upgrade their legacy Enterprise Command Center (ECC) and Oracle systems to SAP S/4HANA while integrating the acquired company’s older SAP system into this new platform. Falling behind schedule, they turned to RGP for help.​


What We Did

We tackled the challenge through a multifaceted approach:

  • Project Management: We led multiple workstreams, ensuring alignment with the aggressive timeline and maintaining high-quality standards for SAP S/4HANA deliverables
  • Automation with Alteryx: We used Alteryx to automate the data handling process, managing approximately 100,000 records in seconds instead of manually processing data line by line in spreadsheets
  • Enhanced Planning and Execution: We increased project management and planning rigor, providing transparency throughout the execution process
  • Client-Side Advisory: We acted as advisors, ensuring the data migration was high quality and added significant value to the client


Our Impact

Our efforts led to significant improvements:

  • Accelerated Timeline and Reduced Costs: We accelerated the project timeline, minimized costs, and established a scalable, repeatable process for future use
  • Improved Project Management: We enhanced the planning and execution rigor, ensuring clear visibility and transparency at every stage
  • High-Quality Data Migration: As client-side advisors, we ensured the data migration was timely and high-quality, enhancing overall project value