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The Challenge

Our client recognized the importance of change management but lacked the internal capability to manage change effectively. They were concerned about their leaders’ and organization’s ability to adapt to change. Facing several strategic changes on the horizon, they also wanted to reduce their reliance on external consulting firms. To address these needs, we partnered with the client to establish a Change Center of Excellence (COE) and develop a customized approach to leading and managing change.


What We Did

  • Established a Change Center of Excellence (COE): We partnered with the client’s strategic transformation office to set up a Change Center of Excellence
  • Customized the Change Approach: Using our proprietary Return On Change™ (ROC) methodology and tools, we created a tailored approach for leading and managing change
  • Developed Change Leadership Tools: We developed and deployed a Sponsor’s Guide to Change and a Playbook for Change Agents, which provided leaders and change agents with practical tools and guidelines for driving change
  • Executed Change Leadership: We continuously refined and improved the change approach by executing initiatives and capturing lessons learned


Our Impact

  • Establishing a New COE: We successfully stood up a new COE, complete with an organizational structure, integrated workflows, a prioritization process, and a customized approach to leading and managing change
  • Enhancing Adaptability to Change: New structures and tools allowed the client to be equipped to lead and manage upcoming strategic initiatives