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The Challenge

Our client faced a significant challenge due to a lack of manpower necessary to meet all compliance and accounting demands of the US tax structure. Additionally, the young staff in the department lacked the technical expertise required, necessitating mentorship to grow their skills.


What We Did

To address these challenges, we implemented several key initiatives:

  • Peak Season Support: Assisted during peak tax season to ensure the completion of accurate and timely tax returns for all US tax jurisdictions
  • Technology and Automation: Leveraged technology and automation solutions to gather, analyze, and upload state apportionment data into their tax system
  • Robust Workpapers: Built more robust work papers to eliminate input errors caused by non-technical staff, improving efficiencies and reducing time spent on reporting and compliance


Our Impact

Our efforts led to significant improvements for the client:

  • Timely and Accurate Filings: Facilitated timely and accurate Federal and State tax filings
  • Efficient Tax Software Use: Utilized tax software efficiently to ensure the “lock-down” of figures in tax returns, eliminating the need to recreate returns during audits and/or amendments
  • Process Improvement and Staff Development: Continuously analyzed and improved existing processes to ensure accuracy and completeness in filings, allowing for more training and development of staff