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Through previous service delivery work with this global financial services company, we identified additional needs around their growing incident management system. Users struggled to find reliable information on outages, planned maintenance and reported issues and, because there were no real governance processes in place for how to share outage information with targeted audiences, users were bombarded by manual email alerts making it hard to prioritize what was important to them. To create a new experience that solved user challenges, Veracity conducted numerous workshops and focus groups to get to the heart of what really matters to them—relevance and efficiency. By leveraging custom alert notifications, UX design and enhanced content hierarchy, we successfully streamlined their governance process and improved the delivery of relevant information with tailored solutions through ServiceNow, so users can prioritize their work and respond to issues quickly and effectively.


Widgets Enhance Dashboard Functionality

To improve the process around how outage information was being shared, Veracity reimagined the use of widgets and content design on the ServiceNow dashboard. By targeting content to user criteria and giving higher visibility to the important information visitors are looking for, we created a unified, intuitive experience that provides featured content to users when and where it is most useful to them.


Governance Drives Efficiency

Defining a governance plan around incident management and network status was key to improving a manual process once managed through ineffective meetings and spreadsheets. Veracity transformed a simplified, automated process—implementing another level of governance and ownership—and saving time for business application managers.


Delivering the Right Information at the Right Time

The inability to manage or customize settings meant all alerts were driven by email. Users were overwhelmed by notifications of outages, planned maintenance and other issues regardless of their relevance. By taking advantage of custom subscriptions, Veracity empowered users with the opportunity to choose how to receive the relevant information that was important to them by email, text or even on their dashboard.

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User Focus Groups to Understand Pain Points, Gaps & Opportunities


Design Comps Reimagining the Entire Platform Including Dashboards, Search, Service Catalog & More


New Catalog Items Reduced from 30k Using Conditional Logic

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