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When a global leader in the on-demand talent marketplace wanted to bring its brand to life, creating meaningful experiences that engage and connect with its target audience, they chose Veracity for our deep brand expertise. Our team got to work assessing current market trends, completing competitor analysis and persona journey maps to articulate the brand’s value and envision its future. Through meticulous analysis and creative vision, we crafted a vision that unveiled the brand’s true value and ignited a transformative path forward.


Our Comprehensive Approach Unveils Insights for Enhanced Brand Strategy

Our approach began with a comprehensive market assessment and strategic brand analysis. We reviewed and expanded upon existing brand research, addressing any gaps and supplementing those gaps with insights into topical trends, social chatter and competitor analysis. Through stakeholder sessions with key company leaders, we delved deeper into the brand’s vision, competitive landscape, target personas, key challenges and market differentiation. Our process involved reviewing relevant research, documentation and analytics, as well as understanding the key personas.


Forging a Visionary Path: Creative Brief Unleashes Brand's Future State & Actionable Campaign Insights

Based on the information and data collected during our stakeholder and user sessions, we created a creative brief aimed at envisioning the future state of the brand. The creative brief identified key factors needed to enhance engagement and drive influence. Our goal was to use the brief to prioritize ideas and solutions, transforming them into actionable campaign ideas and insights.


Strategic Campaign Selection & Roadmap Unveiled for Unprecedented Brand Activation

Based on the insights gathered, we successfully visualized two distinct campaign directions, creating representative materials for each that aligned with the strategic expectations of the creative brief. We then presented and tested these two campaign directions. Through collaborative decision-making, one campaign direction was selected, and we developed a comprehensive roadmap and marketing plan for its implementation, outlining various brand activation points, such as research topics, channel activation and partnership opportunities.

The result? We uncovered the brand’s innate agility and position as a true market disruptor.

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Project Outcomes


Key Personas Identified & Analyzed for Empathy & Journey Maps 


Opportunities Uncovered for Closing Persona Gaps Through Branding 


Competitors Identified & Researched Against 20 Recurring Themes 

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