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Faced with the imperative task of modernizing its Health Data Repository (HDR), the Department of Veterans Affairs partnered with Veracity for its extensive expertise in cloud- based solutions and data management. Veracity’s role was pivotal in transitioning the HDR from an on-premises setup to an agile, cloud-based environment, focusing on the intricacies of architectural design, data ingestion, and meticulous migration processes. The initiative emphasized achieving a seamless transition to the cloud, enhancing the functionality of the HDR, and ensuring data integrity throughout the migration phase. Veracity’s comprehensive strategy not only addressed the technical intricacies of the migration but also ensured that the transformed HDR system provided clinicians and veterans with immediate, reliable access to medical records. This transformation was critical to support real- time, informed medical decisions and comprehensive healthcare service delivery. The collaboration aimed to empower VA customers with uninterrupted access to a holistic view of veterans’ health records, thereby elevating the standard of care and reinforcing the foundation of the VA’s healthcare infrastructure for future innovations.


Comprehensive Architecture Baseline for HDR Services

Collaborating closely with HDR VA leadership, Veracity played an instrumental role in defining a comprehensive architectural baseline. This included the intricacies of application, data, and technology architecture, which together formed a robust framework. This foundational work was essential in streamlining the integration of new technologies and ensuring that all technological advancements were in full alignment with the VA’s strategic objectives.


Identification and Bridging of Technology Gaps

Veracity’s thorough analysis of existing systems allowed for the identification of critical technological gaps within the VA’s infrastructure. Addressing these gaps proactively, Veracity developed targeted solutions and implemented them to seamlessly bridge these gaps, thereby facilitating a more integrated and efficient HDR system.


Strategic Roadmap for Technology Evolution

Crafting a comprehensive technology roadmap, Veracity set forth a strategic vision that provided clear guidance on the VA’s technological advancement. This roadmap underscored key initiatives and projected milestones to ensure a smooth evolutionary path, aligning with future-focused organizational goals.

key metrics

Project Outcomes


Number of VA agencies benefiting from HDR’s real-time operational data service, marking a significant improvement in the accessibility and utility of health data.


Improvement in HDR compliance with technical and regulatory standards, reflecting enhanced security and governance post-implementation.


VA administrations and Federal Agencies partnered with Veracity during the engagement.

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