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The VA’s imperative to transform its vast data into actionable insights for veteran care led to the conception of the Health Data Analytics Platform (HDAP). Veracity harnessed this opportunity, aligning with the VA’s overarching data strategy to streamline and elevate the entire data lifecycle. The endeavor aimed to consolidate healthcare data from varied sources, applying the latest analytical and data science technologies to unlock meaningful insights and bolster predictive analytics. Veracity’s vision materialized into a platform that not only facilitated evidence-based decision-making but also propelled the VA towards becoming a data-driven enterprise. HDAP emerged as a testament to this journey, integrating 100 billion rows of health data and deploying a federated governance model to ensure responsible data stewardship.


DevSecOps Foundation

Veracity’s implementation of DevSecOps principles laid the groundwork for a transformative data journey. Collaborating with the Health Information Governance (HIG) and Business Intelligence Service Line (BISL), the team operationalized a secure, timely, and consistent data loading process into HDAP. Streamlined Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes, automated workflows, and deployment of Azure Data Factory and Machine Learning practices drastically improved HDAP’s capabilities for intricate data science use cases. This meticulous orchestration of data management processes was crucial in establishing HDAP as a reliable foundation for healthcare decision-making.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Veracity’s innovative approach to customer engagement included the creation of educational platforms, practice communities, and sandbox environments to facilitate technical acumen across VA’s departments. The engagement strategy was multi-faceted, focusing on user experience, data literacy, and empowerment of VA’s internal teams. By aligning HDAP’s resources with the VA’s varying expertise and budget levels, we cultivated a sustainable model that ensured widespread adoption and effective utilization of the analytics platform.


Robust Data Governance

Data governance was central to the success of HDAP. In close collaboration with VA’s Data Governance Council and leadership, Veracity implemented a comprehensive data governance framework, effectively turning data into a strategic asset. The strategy focused on optimizing data usage, enhancing the quality and integrity of data, and establishing robust tools and processes for governance. This resulted in a transformative impact on decision-making efficiency and data transparency across the VA enterprise.

key metrics

Project Outcomes


Reduction in computation time for the Medication Possession Ratio (MPR), enhancing clinicians’ ability to monitor medication adherence and intervene proactively to improve veteran mental health outcomes.


Extension in the coverage of patient monitoring through HDAP’s advanced analytics, leading to a comprehensive healthcare management approach and supporting preventative care initiatives.


Amplification in the number of medications evaluated, providing clinicians with a broader spectrum of data to inform pharmaceutical care decisions and foster personalized healthcare for veterans.

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