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With a workforce of 20,000+ employees worldwide, this global financial services firm sought to improve their employee experience with a new intranet. The challenge? Their previous system suffered from a lack of integration, partner relevancy and an intuitive, personalized user experience.

To tackle these challenges, they partnered with Veracity to transform their employee experience and implement an intranet that facilitated global communication and governance while embodying equitable information access for its employees. Veracity employed a multi-phased approach, integrating human-centered solutions, agile delivery models, and implementation testing to modernize their existing intranet. After identifying key personas, we defined and created robust user journeys to define a personalized experience for users on the platform. With a custom Akumina implementation, we designed and developed a personalized solution, incorporating custom widgets, agile workflows, and out-of-the-box features that exceeded user needs. And, to ensure intranet sustainability and continuous improvement, we developed a capability roadmap alongside robust training and governance for simplified maintenance and long-term value enhancement.


A Human-Centered Approach to Intranet Personalization

Veracity conducted alignment workshops and stakeholder sessions to gain a deeper understanding of user and technology requirements. By identifying unique key personas, we developed intuitive user journeys to tailor their intranet and support a custom vision; while mitigating pain points and leveraging organizational strengths. This personalized approach maximized the intranet’s potential to empower their organization and empower their overall employee experience.


A Custom Akumina Intranet for Improved Functionality

To ensure a seamless user experience, we carefully communicated high-level requirements for each page and created an inventory of necessary widgets and custom templates. With a comprehensive content inventory, we developed a future-state structure and documented all pages and sub-pages in a streamlined sitemap. Our custom Akumina configuration incorporated a range of custom widgets and digital workflows to meet user needs, from “featured news” to custom “tools and applications,“ that thoughtfully maximized functionality.


An Interactive Approach to Testing & Training for Rapid Growth

Veracity conducted iterative usability testing to collect valuable feedback for optimization, enabling our team to create a user-friendly experience that met the needs of different users. In addition, we created a capability roadmap providing guideposts for continued feature development and platform maturity. To facilitate smooth content migration and validation, we developed comprehensive training materials for end users, content managers, administrators and developers. The result? An optimized intranet experience tailored to unique needs to accelerate growth.

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Project Outcomes


Global Employees Brought Onto Unified Intranet Experience


Power User Training Sessions


Independent Business Units Supported Under One Configurable Solution

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