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A global investment professionals association was looking for ways to improve their advocacy efforts and showcase the impact of their Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program on Sitecore. To get there, they needed a partner with a holistic view; a partner that could redefine the entire user experience in a way that emphasized their ethical and professional excellence to better connect with members. Through robust user experience assessments and heuristic evaluations, Veracity saw an opportunity to streamline the entire user journey, drive engagement and build loyalty. We identified multiple challenges and converted them into comprehensive opportunities across a range of factors from audience development, content creation (and re-engineering), search engine optimization to platform optimization and improved search functionality within Sitecore. In the end, Veracity redesigned the end-to-end user experience—increasing relevancy and traffic, while fulfilling our mission to bring the organization’s digital presence in line with its remarkable reputation.


Thoughtful User-Centric Journeys Designed to Support Member Engagement

With a goal of improving the member experience, fostering advocacy, and strengthening the professional community, we created two membership personas, defined eight key member tasks, and developed several considerations for focused personalization, simpler management, improved connectivity and increased awareness of continued education and career resources. These considerations aimed to maximize engagement and deliver long-term value, providing a more valuable member experience beyond accreditation.


A Member-Focused Content Strategy for a More Valuable, Engaging Experience

Veracity identified several findability issues, including the site’s previous navigation, an unintuitive content hierarchy, and missing calls-to-action. Additionally, the existing experience contained 150 pages of under-utilized content. Through user studies and content analysis, we created a personalized and succinct story, then used design systems with reusable component libraries to streamline design. These efforts combined made their content more digestible and more responsive to users. Plus, with embedded dynamic features, like recently viewed pages, and quick access to previous downloads and search queries, we successfully transformed their experience into a hyper-personalized one.


Recruitment Versus Retention

Through a heuristic evaluation that focused on a range of user criteria, Veracity revealed key discoveries that served as improvement benchmarks throughout all phases of the project. One key improvement benchmark focused on developing content that prioritized member retention versus just recruitment. Why? Because customer loyalty is just as valuable (if not more) than recruiting. Veracity found unique ways to optimize and empower the member experience through tailored content delivery and elevated aesthetic design that encouraged member discovery and exploration—increasing involvement in institution’s efforts and global agenda in addition to renewing memberships. This resulted in heightened member satisfaction, longer retention rates and increased recruitment for years to come.


Strong Technical Expertise Ensures User Control, Freedom & Maximum Usability

Our team developed multiple paths of exploration, various components, and 20 responsive published pages in Sitecore to maximize usability and eliminate unnecessary technology, resulting in increased relevancy, improved content discoverability, and brand loyalty.

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Project Outcomes


Pages Designed in Sitecore, Streamlined from 150-Page Experience


Heuristic Evaluation Criteria Identified for Improved Usability


Personas Developed to Boost Membership Perception & Involvement

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