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With a vast network of 2700+ retail locations and a frequently visited ecommerce site, this military exchange service provides essential retail support to military personnel worldwide. However, their existing IT infrastructure posed challenges for field agents who required simplified and automated processes while operating in the field. Through close collaboration, Veracity captured the unique requirements necessary to customize and implement a tailored ServiceNow experience. This comprehensive solution covered incident and problem management, as well as sufficient change functionality. Leveraging the power of the ServiceNow Agent App, field service staff gained an intuitive toolset—enabling seamless logging, tracking, completing and reporting on tickets from any location, simplifying their operations and helping them deliver on their essential mission: to be wherever their customers are, keeping them ready and resilient.


Enhanced Field Service Capabilities

Field service staff struggled with manual and time-consuming processes, which impeded efficiency. With a tailored implementation of ServiceNow, Veracity introduced an automated and streamlined process for logging, tracking and completing work, resulting in improved efficiency and enhanced reporting capabilities. Field agents now have the tools they need to feel empowered to carry out their duties and better serve their customers.


Mobile Access via ServiceNow Agent App

Field service staff often operate in remote locations, presenting challenges in accessing IT infrastructure. To overcome this hurdle, Veracity implemented the ServiceNow Agent App, providing field agents with seamless mobile access—right at their fingertips. Now, regardless of their location, agents can effortlessly log and complete their work, leading to increased productivity and improved tracking capabilities.


Improved IT Operations to Serve Those Who Serve Our Country

Aligned with our client’s mission to support military personnel worldwide, Veracity’s tailored implementation of ServiceNow improved their IT operations. By enhancing field service capabilities and improving overall IT process efficiency, our solution empowers agents to better serve those who selflessly serve our country. Whether stationed near or far, agents are equipped with the necessary tools to meet their unique needs.

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Project Outcomes

ServiceNow Agent App Connects Services to Military Personnel Around the Globe

Provides Service to Personnel in Remote Locations

Improved Incident & Problem Management

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