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Through strategic partnership and informed insights, we help our diverse range of clients in the healthcare ecosystem optimize their business and improve the day-to-day experience for their employees and members alike.

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By placing people first, we can create a world where technology and humanity work together to achieve optimal outcomes and revolutionary digital healthcare solutions.

A Holistic Approach to Consumer Health and Engagement Experiences

We help organizations face modern challenges and disruptors through a combination of technology, clinical insights and human-centered design. Veracity’s health payer value chain domain knowledge enables us to recognize the interdependencies that drive opportunities and deliver impactful workstrengthening the end-to-end connection between external constituents and the internal workforce to deliver optimal results. 

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Sample Healthcare Service Offerings

Digital Health Innovation

Our omni-channel customer engagement solutions seamlessly drive members, brokers, and providers through experiences that add value to your business and drives interaction. We also provide expertise in developing integrated solutions that leverage enterprise data to drive better experiences and outcomes.

  • Healthcare & Digital Experience: We have an experienced team of healthcare digital consultants who understand the payer ecosystem & can define digital strategies to meet your business objectives. 
  • Broad Design Expertise: With the tools and skills to design the user experience right the first time, we enhance digital products and their member healthcare journey.
  • Effective Delivery: We have expertise in delivering digital healthcare with portfolio management processes, solutions, and prioritization that drives high-impact business cases. 
  • Lasting Results: We have deep product development delivery experience that enables organizations to produce digital solutions that add value for the business & improve health outcomes for customers. 

Payer Operational Transformation

We help healthcare companies identify solutions that transform operational challenges. We develop strategies informed by data-driven insights, powered by shared vision and stakeholder alignment to optimize how you do business by streamlining operations and providing the agility to rapidly respond to change.  

  • Strategy: We develop strategies to address competitive gaps, deliver market differentiators, and achieve results that support business and member needs. 
  • Execution: After establishing a strategy & roadmap, we provide program management expertise helping you execute against your strategy & achieve results. 
  • Operation Transformation: We leverage our domain expertise to facilitate operational changes that lead to member growth & retention, managing the interdependencies that drive end-to-end experience & customer satisfaction.
  • Platforms: We review existing core applications & IT systems & identify opportunities to consolidate or integrate for simpler tool engagements. 
  • Process Steps: With process & gap analysis, we can identify streamlining opportunities to improve employee efficiency & eliminate pain points. 
  • SLAs: Through current state analysis & process reviews, we can create & execute plans to help reduce turnaround times for group / member issues. 

Medicare Stars Optimization

We are adept at driving continuous improvement to optimize your organization’s Stars performance. Our team of seasoned subject matter experts focus on identifying Stars gaps, developing strategic roadmaps, and providing delivery excellence for Stars initiatives to help your organization achieve both short and long term your Stars goals.

  • Program Evaluation and Assessment: Using our Stars Assessment Framework, we will gain insight into your organization and specific Stars challenges.
  • Program Transformation: We provide delivery excellence to drive strong governance, measure-level accountability, data-driven initiatives to improve Stars ratings.
  • Strategic Planning: We develop short-and-long-term strategies for Stars improvement all aimed at achieving and maintaining 4.0 Star success for your organization.
  • Member Experience Optimization: Alongside our Customer Experience team, we leverage behavioral science capabilities to develop strategies that help our clients manage the entire member experience to enable Stars success.
  • Advisory Services: We are dedicated to staying ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape of Medicare Stars to navigate measure-level changes, scoring methodology and program level impacts to maximize your Stars success.

Product Go-To-Market Strategy

We understand the importance of a well-planned strategy for new healthcare product offeringsOur approach incorporates market segment needs, competitive differentiators, and strategies to target customers with personalized solutions while increasing speed to market and fueling market growth. 

  • Product Development: We refine product planning culture to operate on delivery cycles tuned to the needs of market segments.
  • Understanding Costs: Confirmation of needed budget & resources & determining LOE.
  • Reducing Work Effort: Take on the time-consuming tasks of developing & bringing a product to market.
  • Implementation Solutions: Expertise in end-to-end product to operations operating models & execution.
  • Product Lifecycle: Development of well-defined product strategy to help speed up the product lifecycle.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Alignment on product or solution offering & organizing planning on how to promote products to different customers.

Grievances & Appeals Workflow Solutions

We help health insurers overcome the cumbersome policies and procedures to manage grievances and appeals. Our solutions focus on automation and establishing workflow controls to manage, track, and report on the various states and service levels to reduce costs and increase transparency. 

Custom Client Implementation

Our deep end-to-end healthcare experience allows us to operate as an extension of the client team to manage implementation efforts, define new product capabilities, and drive efficiencies. We focus on automating and streamlining the implementation process, reducing the time and cost to launch for new clients.

  • Payer Ops Expertise: We provide existing knowledge & experience end-to-end on how payers operate.
  • Seamless Integration: We integrate with your company & engage internally.
  • Continuous Support: We’re a reliable partner that drives implementations & offsets peak volumes.
  • Added Foresight: We help you garner savings by eliminating financial implementation surprises.
  • Precise Estimates: We provide accurate estimations of the LOE for implementation.
  • Personnel Savings: We eliminate the need to hire dedicated employees, saving costs in salaries & benefits.

Behavioral & Physical Health Product Development

We partner with leading insurers to improve access to care and utilization of behavioral health servicesWe identify gaps across the care continuum, align products and services into competitive offerings, and develop member engagement strategies that increase awareness and utilization of services.

  • Member Engagement: Effective strategies & techniques increase engagement & drive members to appropriate solutions.
  • Operations: Our modernized operational model supports the Well-Being goals & objectives.
  • Product: We develop well-defined product roadmaps & go-to-market strategies to accelerate product lifecycle & realize market benefits.
  • Digital Transformation: We optimize digital tools & solutions required to improve member experiences & competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We integrate strategic vendors and key partners to offer comprehensive solutions & further differentiation.

We Work with the Best to Deliver Tailored-to-You Technology

To make automation reality, we implement low-to-no-code services and APIs with key players recognized in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant—seamlessly orchestrating data into your systems and process workflows.