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Anne Claire-Siegert

Content Director, Brand Experience

Imagine a workplace where your employees feel truly empowered—finding information is effortless, collaboration just flows and employees engage naturally because they want to, not because they must. It’s not a distant dream but a reality achievable through human-centered content and tech.

An Intuitive Taxonomy with ECPro Makes a Big Impact. Here’s How:


Understand Your Employees Like Never Before

When it comes to organizing information, traditional approaches can fall short, leaving employees overwhelmed and frustrated. But what if there was a way to align the structure of your content with how your employees think and work? That’s where human-centered taxonomy steps in. It’s like speaking the same language as your employees, making information findable and accessible based on their mental models and preferences. Say goodbye to information chaos and hello to an intuitive, engaging employee experience.


Solve the Information Puzzle with ECPro

Picture this: instead of jumping between multiple portals and struggling to find what they need, your employees have everything at their fingertips within a unified service portal—ECPro. It’s like having a personal assistant that gathers all the essential resources, from IT to HR, in one convenient place. With ECPro, your employees will experience a seamless flow, save time, eliminate frustration and focus on what truly matters—innovative work that drives real change.


Evolve Your Taxonomy with ECPro

At its core, taxonomy is a powerful labeling system that brings order and clarity to content. It’s the special sauce that makes sharing knowledge within your organization easy. In the past, ServiceNow organized content by types—knowledge articles, content items and service requests—creating silos that hindered discoverability and collaboration. But with Unified Taxonomy in ECPro, these diverse content types come together by topic, fostering find-ability through related content and empowering your employees to navigate a context-rich ecosystem.


Empower Employees, One Experience at a Time

Personalization is the secret ingredient that elevates your employee experience to new heights. With ECPro and Unified Taxonomy, you can easily tailor content, knowledge articles and applications to each employee’s unique role, preferences and needs—like having a personalized concierge service built to resonate and boost engagement.


Innovate Efficiently & Empower Decisions

When employees spend less time searching for information and more time innovating and collaborating, remarkable things happen. ECPro and Unified Taxonomy streamline access to knowledge, eliminate redundancies and define efficient workflows. The result? Your employees make faster decisions, feel more confident and are more likely to push innovation and creative ideas forward enterprise wide.


Unlocking Numerous Benefits from ROI to Business Objectives

ECPro and human-centered taxonomy is an investment in your organization’s success. By optimizing your employee experience, you increase employee satisfaction, reduce support costs, enhance customer service—and that’s only the beginning. With ECPro and Unified Taxonomy, your employees become champions of your organization’s mission, driving business outcomes and helping you achieve your strategic objectives.

The Veracity Truth: We Care

Our team is passionate about your employee experience, that’s why we’ve built thoughtful solutions that connect people with transformative technology. Start here to move forward.