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The Challenge

A client faced significant hurdles in aligning its strategy development with the selection of a Source-to-Pay (S2P) cloud-based solution. The company, comprising diverse functional departments such as Finance, Procurement, Operations, Supplier Management, Accounts Payables, and Audit, struggled to synchronize its goals. Furthermore, there was a reluctance within the organization to swiftly adopt IT solutions, including concerns about user acceptance and supplier engagement.


What We Did

We partnered with the client over several months to bridge the gap between functional requirements and IT objectives, aiming to enhance user experience and operational effectiveness. Leveraging our established methodology, we conducted comprehensive user requirement gathering sessions, delved into business drivers, and presented various technological options to stakeholders. Throughout the process, stakeholders remained engaged, from supplier selection to deployment phases.

Key steps included:

  • Development of Collaborative Steering Team: Formed a team comprising representatives from various departments to ensure holistic decision-making.
    Gathering User Requirements: Conducted thorough sessions to understand both technical and operational needs.
  • Development of Selection Weighting Tools: Created tools to objectively evaluate and compare different solution options.
  • Facilitation of RFI, Demo, and RFP Processes: Guided the client through the request for information, demonstration, and proposal stages.
  • Creation of Business Case and Roadmap: Developed a comprehensive business case, encompassing financial and operational aspects, alongside a roadmap for implementation.
  • Support in Project Implementation: Assisted in the execution phase to ensure smooth integration and adoption.


Our Impact

Through our extensive experience across industries and impartial approach to S2P solutions, RGP delivered significant value to our client:

  • Support for Investment Decision: Helped bolster the corporate business case by demonstrating value across multiple functional areas.
  • Expertise in Selection Process: Provided insights into industry trends, software solutions, and client-specific needs to facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Implementation Strategy: Offered guidance on implementation strategies and provided project management expertise, accelerating time-to-ROI.
  • Effective Change Management: Employed mature change management and user adoption techniques to minimize implementation challenges.