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Our client, a renowned foodservice distributor and supplier with a rich history of over 100 years, recognized the importance of adapting to the changing needs of their customers. They sought a dynamic solution to enhance the delivery and marketing of their products and services. To achieve this, they needed a strategic collaborator capable of revolutionizing their website and crafting a seamless digital experience that not only filled existing gaps, but also interconnected the entirety of their customer journey.

By harnessing our expertise in Sitecore and digital transformation, Veracity crafted a customer experience that magnified their brand and offerings. The journey began with persona development, as our team placed utmost importance on understanding the needs of different personas—to shape the customer journey and create persona-driven strategies. Employing a user flow that emphasized reusability and scalability, we ensured an efficient development approach given the size of their digital transformation. The final website design utilized a fresh and modern feel, effectively highlighting new opportunities and breathing life into their vast offerings of products and services.


Driving Collaborative Action and Ideation

To ensure a personalized and impactful customer experience, our approach involved implementing persona-driven strategies to define the customer journey. By thoroughly analyzing the target audience, we identified six distinct personas, each with unique needs and preferences. This comprehensive understanding enabled us to delve into the entire journey, examining specific website interactions that were crucial. Our aim was to optimize customer reach and engagement, delivering relevant content tailored to the specific needs of each persona. Not only did we focus on targeting these personas with primary content and keywords, but we also generated engaging content, like recipes, insights and other targeted campaigns.


Illuminating Pathways with Journey Mapping

Our team focused on crafting a reusable and scalable user flow that prioritized cost-efficiency and aimed to minimize the need for customization on each page. The user flow visually depicted the interconnectedness of all pages and outlined the unique requirements for each—highlighting areas of reusability and creating templates that could be easily repurposed, ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout the website. We developed a brand-specific template that could be adapted for various categories such as beverages, prepared foods, services and more. This templatized approach allowed for a customized feel while maintaining a streamlined and scalable solution, achieving a blend of personalized design and efficient implementation.


Results Drive Impact

The objective of the website design was to create a fresh and distinctive identity for PFS, effectively highlighting their unique services—setting them apart from competitors. By showcasing promotional discounts and a wide range of services, products and valuable resources for aspiring restaurant owners and other food businesses, we enabled PFS to carve out a distinctive niche and seize new opportunities from cost-conscious customers starting out on their culinary endeavors to industry veterans craving to stay on top of trends.

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Project Outcomes


Key Product Areas Envisioned Across 6 Detailed Personas


Standardized Location & OPCO Pages


Unique, Brand-Specific Website Templates

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