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With a workforce of 10k+ employees, this life insurance company was committed to providing their associates with a modern and user-friendly employee experience. To create an engaging intranet, they aimed to design a personalized and welcoming platform for their employees, complete with intuitive features such as welcome messages, convenient access to commonly used applications, company calendars and more. To realize this vision for a next-generation digital employee experience, they sought a partner with the expertise to construct a cutting-edge employee portal and comprehensive digital workplace solution.

Leveraging our deep Akumina expertise, Veracity worked collaboratively with the organization to validate their requirements, covering every aspect from user needs to design, content, build and implementation. We utilized an easily maintainable and flexible architecture that enabled the company to proactively adjust the solution and processes per future capability changes or additions. Our scalable architecture supported high availability and top-notch performance, ensuring the solution was future-proofed and capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow. To achieve this, we took a strategic implementation approach that involved collaborating with an agile team, implementing the solution in phases, and ensuring that the architecture was both scalable and secure—ensuring the solution is aligned to the organization’s future needs and requirements.


Collaborative Implementation for a Secure & Scalable Digital Workplace

clear roadmap for their digital employee experience platform included three phases: initiation, implementation, and optimization. During the implementation phase, it was crucial for Veracity to design a secure and scalable architecture, incorporating external technology platforms such as Akumina and SharePoint Online in a flexible and sustainable manner. Our architecture followed the organization’s defined requirements for design, security, change management, and reporting needs. To ensure continuous optimization, we collaborated closely with the organization to refine and finalize the employee experience progress already made, including design, layout, taxonomy, content audit, and content refactoring.


Enhancing Employee Relevance & Productivity through Robust Design Capabilities

To significantly enhance employee productivity, Veracity integrated rich content, collaboration capabilities, and a suite of integrated tools. Recognizing the need for a more engaging experience, we incorporated a range of features, including timely news updates, company calendars, and employee favorites like “photo of the day” and “daily lunch menu” features. To improve employee relevance, we added design features such as local time, personalized welcome messages, and easy access to frequently used applications. Using Akumina, we provided the company with an intuitive content contribution backend and robust connections to outside source systems – ensuring a user-friendly experience for employees, while allowing the organization to efficiently leverage its existing infrastructure.


Partnering as an Agile Team for Effective Training & Change Management Integration

The organization sought a collaborative partner that could work closely with their agile team, providing effective training, open communication channels, and hands-on learning opportunities throughout the engagement. To ensure the success of their new portal, we prioritized integration with the company’s change management organization and framework to ensure the proper knowledge transfer, adoption and governance would continue to drive growth, engagement, and support over time.

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