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An international building products manufacturer had self-implemented Account Reconciliations and requested our expertise to provide optimization and additional implementation services.


The Challenge

Due to a reduced and remote workforce, the client needed optimization services having previously self-implemented Account Reconciliations. The client then enlisted us to guide their Task Management and Transaction Matching implementations.


What We Did

  • Leveraged our experiences and leading/industry practices​
  • Identified efficiency gains (quick wins and longer efforts) for Recs with templates, setups, and automation​
  • Implemented Task Management and Transaction Matching for further efficiency gains​
  • Provided training, testing, and go-live support​
  • Assisted client in addressing and resolving issues with one of the banks as part of the Transaction Matching implementation


Our Impact

  • Shortened the overall close process by 2 days and reduced dependencies on spreadsheets and other manual tools​
  • Automated monthly reconciliations with the 4 primary banks (>90% banking transactions)​
  • Established the standard for other entities within the multi-national corporation​
  • Completed plans to implement the Journal Entry product in the next fiscal year