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A leading Healthcare institution (educational, research, and clinical) called on us to provide implementation, management, and training services to address compliance requirements and to gain greater efficiencies in their close processes.


The Challenge

With a recent merger, a drive to standardize processes and gain efficiencies, and a need to address their auditor’s requirements, the client required assistance and guidance to implement BlackLine’s Account Reconciliations and Transaction Matching products.


What We Did

  • Quickly assessed the current-state reconciliations process, identified improvement opportunities, and selected the most appropriate templates to implement Account Reconciliations​
  • Developed portfolio management tool for client to track and manage a growing number of match sets, starting with compliance-driven sets and followed, in order, by highest reward/lowest effort ​
  • Provided super-user and system admin training​
  • For Phase 2, provided post go-live support, training for new users, and implemented Task Management​


Our Impact

  • By implementing Matching, we helped the client achieve compliance with the auditor’s requirements before their due date​
  • Close process standardizations increased efficiencies through tighter controls, increased automation, and reduced reliance on spreadsheets​
  • Accounting resources reduced their reliance on the IT department​
  • Established a central source to assess and prioritize match sets for continuous improvement​
  • Leveraged us to assist in resolving process and data issues the client was experiencing with one of their credit card merchants