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The Challenge

A $2 billion manufacturing company was rolling out a new SAP business suite. To ensure a smooth transition, they needed their employees to understand and embrace the new system. This required creating comprehensive learning solutions that addressed both system functionalities and business impacts.​


What We Did

Veracity partnered with multiple teams across the organization to develop an effective change management strategy:

  • Integrated Communication Strategy: We created a cohesive communication plan that utilized various types and methods of communication to effectively reach all employees
  • Blended Learning Solutions: We designed learning programs that combined different training methods to enhance understanding and retention of the new system and business processes
  • Extensive Training Programs: We developed and delivered 22,000 hours of training sessions covering key functions such as Finance, HR, and Supply Chain


Our Impact

Our approach led to several positive outcomes for the company:

  • Effective Communication Flow: We established a simple and effective communication flow that was easy for employees to follow
  • Consistent Messaging: We ensured that the communication strategy included motivational messaging aligned with each department’s goals
  • Employee Engagement: We maintained employee morale through hands-on learning and secured their buy-in for the new SAP business suite