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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) faced a critical challenge in transitioning its Health Data Repository (HDR) from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based environment. Seeking thought leadership and engineering expertise, the VA turned to Veracity to navigate the complexities of architectural design and migration processes. The primary focus was on achieving excellence in data ingestion and migration to ensure a smooth transition and optimal functionality of the HDR in the cloud.

Veracity’s solution not only met the technical requirements but also empowered clinicians with precise and timely medical information, ultimately facilitating more effective treatment for veterans. The initiative aimed to provide veterans with seamless access to their comprehensive health history while offering continuous real-time access to electronic health data for VA customers. The result was an enhancement in the overall quality of healthcare services provided to veterans, marking a significant milestone in the transformation of the VA’s healthcare infrastructure.

Veracity’s expertise empowered clinicians with precise and timely medical information, facilitating effective treatment for veterans.

Comprehensive Architecture Baseline for HDR Services

In close collaboration with HDR VA leadership, we provided crucial architecture guidance, aligning technological efforts with VA objectives. Our comprehensive architecture baseline encompasses HDR services, including application, data, and technology architecture. This foundational blueprint serves as a robust framework, setting the stage for the seamless integration of innovative solutions and ensuring the effective alignment of technology.

Identified Technology Gaps & Proposed Solutions

Through a meticulous analysis of existing systems, we identified critical technology gaps within their current infrastructure. Taking a proactive approach, we not only pinpointed these gaps but also formulated targeted implementation solutions to bridge them effectively. In tandem, we crafted and delivered a comprehensive technology roadmap, outlining strategic imperatives to guide VA’s technological evolution, ensuring a cohesive and forward-looking technological landscape for the organization.

Defining Tech Solution for Cloud Migration & Proof of Concept

Steering the VA towards a technologically advanced future, we took charge in defining a robust technology solution for the seamless migration of services to the Cloud. By leading the Cloud migration Proof of Concept, we demonstrated the viability and efficacy of the proposed solution. Our technical leadership throughout the Cloud Migration implementation process ensured a smooth and efficient transition, underscoring our commitment to leveraging innovative solutions.

TRM & Risk & Compliance Improvements

To drive enhancements in risk and compliance, Veracity implemented improvements to the Technical Reference Model (TRM), ensuring alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Our proactive management of risk compliance not only fortified their resilience but also contributed to a heightened state of preparedness in the face of evolving technological and regulatory landscapes.
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Project Outcomes

Types of data analyzed for informed healthcare decisions and accessible patient information
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VA administrations and Federal Agencies partnered with Veracity during the engagement
Unique technologies integrated during this project